Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyResearch?

MyResearch is your portal for research opportunities and information at Vanderbilt. It provides a way for Vanderbilt researchers to contact participants with information or questions about research studies and ideas.

How do they choose which people to contact?

Approved researchers use information from medical records to see if people meet special criteria that relate to their study. Then, these researchers may contact specific people to talk about the study and whether it could be right for them.

How often could I be contacted?

Not all people will be contacted about research opportunities. You will only be contacted when researchers need to talk with someone who has a health profile like yours.

If I am contacted about a research study, do I have to participate?

No. It is always up to you to decide whether you want to participate in a research study. You are never obliged to do so. Your health care will not be affected in any way if you choose not to participate.

If you would like more information about giving consent, your rights as a research volunteer or if you would like to discuss any questions, concerns, or offer input, please call the Vanderbilt Human Research Protection Program at (615) 322-2918 or toll free at (866) 224-8273.